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Posted by Paul Samael on Monday, June 18, 2012 Under: Writing fiction

My thanks to Bernard Fancher for his generous review of "Agricultural Production in the Sudan" on Smashwords (I would thank him in person but don't have a contact email for him).  Sites like Smashwords depend on people like Bernard taking the time to submit reviews in order to help readers work out what might interest them and what's worth downloading in amongst the ever-increasing mass of self-published material.  I hope he will not mind me quoting the review in full here:

"I just finished reading this concise and thought-provoking narrative. Believable description and dialogue imbue the telling of this slightly fantastic, innocuous event with understated support for the supposition that if evil is banal, its presence also often goes unrecognized among us; indeed it might even, at first, be mistaken for something entirely different.  As a reader accustomed to being disappointed by the caliber of writing too-often put on display here at Smashwords, I find it personally gratifying to occasionally discover an entirely adept and subtle short story; this one will stay with - and likely haunt - me for quite some time to come."

This a link to Bernard Fancher's Smashwords page: 

As mentioned in my previous post, having (finally) got my novel out there, I am hoping to turn my attention to reviewing other people's work, including Bernard's (I have already downloaded several of his short stories). 

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