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Posted by Paul Samael on Sunday, July 29, 2012, In : Book reviews 


UPDATE 1.2017:  Sadly, this book is no longer available on Smashwords or elsewhere so far as I can see - which is a pity.

This novel by Steve Anderson has already received a number of positive reviews on Smashwords and elsewhere, but I was also drawn to it for personal reasons – of which, more later.

The starting point of the novel is simple: after one beer too many at the Munich Oktoberfest, our rather hapless hero, Gordy, is unable to resist passing himself off as a Fulbright scholar, ...

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Stories for Airports

Posted by Paul Samael on Sunday, July 15, 2012, In : Book reviews 

I’m puzzled as to why this excellent short story collection on Smashwords hasn’t been reviewed before, because it appears to have been on the site for some time (since 2009?).  But maybe that’s the problem – unless you’re fortunate enough to get a review at a reasonably early stage, your stuff tends to get buried under increasing amounts of everyone else’s stuff.  Anyway, I hope that what follows will encourage more people to give it a try.

As the blurb says, these stories are not...

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More reviews!

Posted by Paul Samael on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, In : Writing fiction 
Ah, reviews – they’re a bit like London buses, aren’t they?  You wait ages and then 3 come along at once.  Hot on the heels of this review by Bernard Fancher, fellow Smashwords author Tom Lichtenberg has penned thoughtful and generous reviews of both “In the future this will be necessary” and “The Hardest Word” – so my thanks to him as well as to Bernard.

I think I’m quite lucky to have started off with some positive reviews –  and I’d better just try to enjoy my current...

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