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Faction or fiction

Posted by Paul Samael on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, In : Book reviews 

[NOTE:  Scroll down for review of Red Plenty by Francis Spufford]

While on holiday last week, I thought I would put the accuracy of my Goodreads recommendations to the test, so I chose some of the books they had suggested to me based on my own ratings of books I’d enjoyed (or not – but mostly the former).  So far, the recommendations have been somewhat wide of the mark.  Take “Ascent” by Jed Mercurio.  It’s about a Russian, Yefgenii Yeremin, who (after an appalling childhood in Stali...

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Amazon + Goodreads = end of world?

Posted by Paul Samael on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, In : Self-publishing 

So, Goodreads is being acquired by Amazon - what does this mean for indie authors?  Well, if I put my ear to the floor, I do believe that I can hear the sound of the four horsemen of the publishing apocalypse galloping towards me at top speed, mercilessly crushing indie authors to a pulp beneath their pounding hooves.  Or maybe that’s just the kids leaping around again upstairs.

I feel a bit the same way about the Goodreads/Amazon tie-up.  At first, I was inclined to think that it was very l...

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