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Interview with publisher and author Frank Burton

Posted by Paul Samael on Friday, June 28, 2013, In : Self-publishing 

Here's an email interview with publisher and author Frank Burton, who's behind non-profit publisher
Philistine Press.  I recently reviewed Stephanie Newell's "The Third Person" which is published by Philistine Press.  This got me interested in non-profit publishers as a possible alternative route for authors who can't get taken on by a mainstream publisher but aren't overly keen on self-publishing either.  Frank also maintains an extensive list of non-profit publishers on his own personal web...

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Shen by Heather Douglass

Posted by Paul Samael on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, In : Book reviews 

So far in my reviews of free fiction, I’ve tended to focus more on the rather nebulous category of “literary fiction” (whatever that may be) rather than more well-defined genres like science fiction.  Heather Douglass, however, is an author with a foot in both camps.  I am indebted to Bernard Fancher for pointing me in her direction, as she had published several shorter pieces in the “literary” category of Smashwords, one of which he had reviewed.  These are well worth a read – I ...

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