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Posted by Paul Samael on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Under: Random thoughts

The UK Financial Services Authority has just published its
report into what went wrong at Royal Bank of Scotland (and what went wrong at the FSA too).  I was interested to see that in the foreword to the report - which is quite a short read - FSA Chairman Adair Turner argues that we need to look at ways of ensuring that in future bankers can be brought to book for this kind of economic disaster (because as he acknowledges, hardly any of them have been held to account this time around).  The report also admits that the FSA itself was at fault in not challenging the way that RBS was being run.  But at least they're prepared to admit they got it wrong - unlike the banks, who seem to think that now that we've bailed them out, they can just go back to business as usual.

Now, I would dearly love to be able to say that the FSA's report has led to a sudden and dramatic surge of interest in my short story about the banking crisis, "The Hardest Word" (recently uploaded to, with plaudits raining in from the world's foremost literary critics and investment bankers sending me tearful emails saying that after reading my story, they have decided to devote the rest of their lives to philanthropic works.  Sadly, however, it seems to be stuck on about 40 odd downloads.  I console myself with the thought that this is considerably more people than would have been likely to read it otherwise....   In the meantime, I've been investigating several other places I can make it available to the possibly not-so-hungry reading public - more on this in later posts.  


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