chimp with laptop

A rare photo of the reclusive author trying to work out how to turn on his laptop


Paul Samael writes fiction, all of which is available free (in ebook format). I also review free fiction by other self-published writers and write a blog (see below). Paul Samael is a pen name. He doesn't really live anywhere, except cyberspace.  The real me lives in London, UK.  On this site, you can find:

  • Fiction:  all my fiction, including my novel, "In the future this will not be necessary" (all available free of charge as ebooks)
  • Blog:  my blog, "Publishing waste", which is mainly about books and publishing, but occasionally goes off topic
  • Free fiction review:  reviews of free fiction by other self-published authors (my attempt to demonstrate that "free" and "self-published" don't always deserve the stigma that's sometimes attached to them)
  • All book reviews:  a list of all my book reviews (both free and paid-for books) arranged by category
  • Self-publishing:  a brief guide to self-publishing based on my experience of it so far 
  • Links: links to other websites that caught my eye and might catch yours (not necessarily websites to do with books or publishing)

For anyone eager to know more (surely you have better things to do?), here are some links that may or may not satisfy your curiosity: