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This page lists all my book reviews (conventionally published, paid-for books as well as free, self-published work).  For recommendations of free books by self-published authors, click HERE - but where a book is available for free, I have also highlighted this below.  


How Music Works David Byrne

Red Plenty Francis Spufford

HhhH Laurent Binet

All Out War Tim Shipman

The Speed of Sound Thomas Dolby

Adults in the Room Yanis Varoufakis

Bad Blood John Carreyrou

Educated Tara Westover

sCI-Fi/speculative fiction

Return from the Stars Stanislaw Lem

Shen Heather Douglass FREE!

Ledman Pickup Tom Lichtenberg FREE!

Trade Lochlan Bloom FREE!

Corpus Callosum Erika Price FREE!

Theory of Bastards Audrey Schulman

Station Eleven Emily St John Mandel

Ascent  Jed Mercurio

The Sparrow Mary Doria Russell

Semiosis Sue Burke

Spaceman of Bohemia Jaroslav Kalfar

Little Eyes Samanta Schweblin

Machines like Me Ian McEwan

Klara and the Sun Kazuo Ishiguro

Speak Louisa Hall

Exhalation Ted Chiang

China Mountain Zhang Maureen F McHugh

The Anomaly Herve Le Tellier



Afrika Reich Guy Saville

End Game Matthew Glass

Dark Places Jon Evans FREE!

Munich Robert Harris

The People's House David Pepper 

Night Heron Adam Brookes

The Prancing Jacana Steven Jon Halasz FREE!

Myxocene Troy Ernest Hill

The Last Hannah Jameson

The Quantum Spy David Ignatius

The Defections Hannah Michell



Besserwisser Steve Anderson 

Single to Morden Spike Evans FREE!

Red Hills of Africa Matthew Asprey

Retirement Projects Charles Hibbard FREE!

Standard Deviation Katherine Heiny

Court Out Elle Wynne FREE!


general fiction

Sonny's Guerrillas Matthew Asprey

One Day David Nicholls

IQ84 Haruki Murakami

Coming Home Chris Gallagher

Falling Bernard Fancher  FREE!

In Durleston Wood Michael Graeme FREE!

The Judas Tree Patricia le Roy

Pigs and Other Living Things Sean Boling  FREE!

The Ant Farm Neil Hetzner

Unpredictable Bryan R Dennis  FREE!

A Burned Over District Charles Hibbard  FREE!

The Third Person Stephanie Newell  FREE! 

The Prodigals Frank Burton FREE!

Three Moxie Mezcal FREE!

The Hole in the Wall Clare Fisher  FREE!  

Pedalling Backwards Julia Russell FREE!

The Inelegant Universe Charles Hibbard FREE!

The Fifth Lectern Andy Cooke

Day Gazing Carla Herrera FREE!

Stumps of Mystery Susan Wickstrom  FREE!

Bad Faith Jesse Tandler FREE!

The Bees  Laline Paull

Show Them What They Won Sean Boling FREE!

The Nose Troy Ernest Hill FREE!

What Was Lost Catherine O'Flynn

Middle England Jonathan Coe

State of Wonder Ann Patchett

The Capital Robert Menasse

The Translator Nina Schuyler

Forbidden Tabitha Suzuma

All That Man Is David Szalay

Yard Sale Charles Hibbard FREE!

A Ghost in the Throat Doireann Ni Ghriofa

In a Good Light Clare Chambers